Jimson Weed on Campus


While we were looking for porcelain berry near the boardwalk, we found a bunch of these strange-looking plants. We had never seen anything like them. It turns out that they are Jimson Weed; a poisonous (according to Phillip Cho, the University Landscape Architect) plant in the nightshade family. Jimson Weed also turns out to be from Mexico. It may or may not be invasive, depending on who you ask. Sure is interesting though!


One thought on “Jimson Weed on Campus

  1. I saw these plants in leaf and bloom this year along the macadam path that was recently installed from the street near Commons garage. I wondered if it had been transferred in by the digging equipment since it had never been in that area before. I tentatively ID’d it specifically as Datura quercifolia.

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